And yet another one: Detroit man shot 10 times by federal agent

The Chicago Defender


The Federal Bureau of Investigation released a report stating that an average of two black men were killed by a white police every week in the United States during a seven-year period that ended in 2012. Because of the proliferation of cell phones and social media, we are seeing it being played out like never before – and it is becoming a weekly occurrence that we learn a black man is killed under extremely conspicuous and/or controversial circumstances.

The latest such tragic episode touched off in Detroit, where a young black man was shot 10 times by a federal agent who reported that he “felt threatened” by the young fugitive.

The father of Terrance Kellom, 20, says his son was unarmed and only had closed fists when he was gunned down in front of him in the father’s home, The Detroit Free Press reports.

Officers stated in their reports that the…

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About Those Fragrance-Free Laundry Products

Please read.

Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution

Some of us have gone to great lengths to encourage others to use fragrance-free products, especially for laundry, as many of the chemicals in fragrances cause such  disabling effects for us.

Not only that, but fragranced laundry products pollute entire neighbourhoods with hazardous chemicals when pumped out of dryer vents (which were designed to emit moisture, not toxic chemicals), meaning that we (and others with asthma, migraines, COPD, etc) can’t sit or work outside in our gardens, open our windows for fresh air, or go for walks safely when other people are doing laundry with regular commercial  products (and when are they not?), because we could be felled at any time from the emissions.

Much to our chagrin, many of us have discovered that some fragrance-free products can also make us dizzy, cause breathing difficulties like asthma, create cognitive confusion and memory problems, give us headaches, chemical hangovers, and more.

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