#CripTheVote Swag Giveaway!

Disability Visibility Project

Now more than ever it’s important to show pride for all of our identities and communities that make up who we are.

To celebrate Pride month, we’re announcing a #CripTheVote Swag Giveaway.

How it works:

  • Tweet “I #CripTheVote because [fill in the blank].” Example:
  • Feel free to include a photo with your tweet if you want!
  • The first 15 Tweets will win. Each winner will have their choice of one sheet of the following stickers below.
  • Winners will be contacted via Twitter by @SFdirewolf.
  • Be sure to check out our t-shirts and temporary tattoos for sale (not part of the giveaway).
  • Please note: #CripTheNote co-partners are NOT profiting from these sales. The royalties (5%) will go to the artist who created these images for us, Mike Mort.

Have Fun and Start Tweeting!

#CripTheVote Swag Giveaway Choices:

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Politicizing the Opioid Epidemic at the Expense of Chronic Pain Sufferers

shiksappeal speaks

On a cold, wintery day in NYC, I drove my wheelchair from my law office in the financial district to Beth Israel in Union Square. Frozen to the core and in tremendous facial pain from the cold wind striking my face, I entered the waiting room of the pain management clinic. On a break from work, I arrived in my typical designer suit and shoes, but out of the remaining twenty patients, only one other patient even resembled me. The waiting room was filled with typical looking addicts waiting in line for their next fix. Their hair was uncombed, their bodies and clothes were filthy, their bodies exposed from immodest clothing, and their voices were loud and agitated. My chest tightened with anxiety and fear. Is this how I, too, would end up?

The nurse called my name, and I followed her to the examination room with baited breath in…

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