Sanders Family: Sex and the Brain

By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

Apparently, Bernie has a hobby being a sexual freedom authority that began in college, at least that’s his first public foray into morality issues.

berniesexThe story is told in a Mother Jones article, Read 21-Year-Old Bernie Sanders’ Manifesto on Sexual Freedom :

“It began with a 2,000-word, ALL-CAPS-laced manifesto in the Maroon, the daily student newspaper, outlining the intellectual case for sexual freedom. Titled “Sex and the Single Girl—Part Two” (a nod to Helen Gurley Brown’s feminist treatise), Sanders attacked the university’s strict student housing guidelines—which prohibited women from living off-campus and restricted visiting access for persons of the opposite sex—with the kind of fire he’d later reserve for capitalists and war hawks.”

“By the time he unleashed his broadside against dorm visiting hours, Sanders already had a reputation as a rabble-rouser. A political science major, he was, by his own admission, “

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Still Unsure of What Ableism Is? Let Me Break It Down For You (Recent Example)


I know posting this in the wee hours of the morning may not be my brightest move but I really felt compelled to.

If the every day person isn’t aware by now of the damage that ableism (discrimination or social prejudice towards people with disabilities) does, let me be the one to to shine a light on it for you.

(I also discussed this subject back on 11/10 in reaction to coverage of a news report)

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