Fragrance: A Barrier to Access

Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution

Fragrance a Barrier to Access

Fragrance: A Barrier to Access

When you choose, use and wear products with fragrance, you create chemical barriers to access for people who are disabled when exposed to the toxic chemicals allowed in fragrances.
To be air safe and disability friendly, choose fragrance-free laundry and personal care products, and avoid dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

Not so Equal Access to Health Care in Ontario or Systemic Barriers to Access for People with MCS/ES

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The Fragrance Industry’s Toxic Secrets

Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution

If you want to learn more about why so many people are suffering adverse health effects and making a stink about fragrance use, then the recent report from Women’s Voices for the Earth is a great place to get informed

Unpacking the Fragrance Industry: Policy Failures, the Trade Secret Myth and Public Health.

It’s must read material if you are at all unfamiliar with the issues surrounding fragrance.

Like this:

And that’s only the ones that have been tested. Many have not been tested for human health effects. Scientists also recently discovered that chemical cocktails can become carcinogenic even when individual chemicals themselves weren’t carcinogenic, but chemicals are tested individually (if at all), and not in the cocktails we get exposed to.

Please read the research and articles from WVE, and then take action.

Not surprisingly, the fragrance industry took issue with the report and shared…

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An Open Letter to the Scented

Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution

Guest post by Debbie Clark Seely

Dear friends,

I wanted to take the time to write this letter because we (the “unscented” community) are concerned for you. With it being the holiday season we are seeing multiple reports of friends and family members choosing to cut ties to their unscented loved ones rather than make the effort to visit them unscented. This perplexes us. It makes us feel like you are choosing scent over a human being.

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