Susan Bordo on the “Perfect Storm” Metaphor for 2016

Source: Susan Bordo on the “Perfect Storm” Metaphor for 2016


The People’s Summit and Disability

Typical of Bernie Sanders and his crowd. Perhaps they think that accessibility is too pragmatic, or that it is “identity politics”. Next time- go with the Democrats. Join a disability caucus in your state Dem party.

Watch Well

To the people I saw getting off the train at McCormick Place today:

You looked eager and energized and hopeful. I hope you have a great time at the event. Since The People’s Summit has decided not to bother implementing a system for providing access to disabled people and has informed me that I — and many other people, including 50% of Americans over age 70 — am being excluded from every single breakout group, I am not there. The People’s Summit wants to tell me this is about not having the resources to treat disabled people as equals, but that’s not true. It’s about how they chose to spend the resources they had. They chose not to build an access system into registration, which is how events like this successfully ensure access, and they chose how to spend money on access without even finding out what access was needed…

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