Hillary Clinton is the Ideal President for our Age


Many have spent much time deriding Hillary supporters and challenging them on the basis for their support. This derision, to me, is ironic given how clear it is that Clinton is singularly qualified to be the President. I support Hillary because I think there is a nebula of qualities she possesses that make her an ideal democrat for this political moment.

We live in a time of remarkably complicated foreign policy challenges, when the United States must approach diplomacy with new vigor but when our enemies (who stone gays and sentence women, at birth, to lives of submission and abuse) must be aware that we are unafraid to use force. In such a time a former Secretary of State with a track record of diplomatic success and a reputation for hawkishness is just what the doctor ordered. She’s a student of men like Richard Holbrooke whose foreign policy philosophy, I think, deserves…

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