Called Out By a Black Feminist: An Opportunity to Remove White Privilege Blinders And Stop Acting Like a White Feminist™

FOCUS: Feminist Observations Connecting Unified Spirits

Sandra BlandThis is Sandra Bland.                         When she was murdered, a little part of me died.  I didn’t know her personally.  I never met her. I have watched her Sandy Speaks videos. I have watched the edited dash cam footage of her arrest.  I have listened to her cry in pain as Officer Brian Encinia slammed her head onto the concrete.  When she tells him she has epilepsy, he says “good.”  There is something about her story and all the other police brutality examples of Black people being assaulted and killed that makes me fly into a white hot rage.

I misdirected my rage over Sandra’s death at the wrong people.  I’m telling you so that (if you are white) you will not make the same mistake.  We are in a state of emergency.  You need to do your part and I need to do my part.  That means taking responsibility when we…

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