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Is it a Saturday night hot date, or Monday morning interview? Do you feel that a spritz of perfume or hint of scented lotion will give you the extra oomph to make a lasting first impression? Or could you actually be exposing yourself to harmful phthalates?     

What are phthalates? Phthalates are endocrine disrupting compounds that mimic your bodies’ natural hormones producing unintended responses. Phthalates increase the plasticity or fluidity of products.  In beauty products such as hair sprays, phthalates help the spray to be a light flexible coating on the hair, and in nail polish it reduces its tendency to crack.

These are the same phthalates, which California banned in toys and baby products as of 2009, but persist in products you may be using on your body daily. Lab tests have shown neurological and reproductive effects from phthalate exposure, these effects are particularly detrimental to pregnant mothers whose…

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