Video: Going Fragrance-Free PSA

Must see PSA (short) about Fragrance’s harmful effects

Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution

Here’s a good three minute PSA from Frederick Community College about going fragrance-free:

More resources:

be fragrance-free 1

Fragrance chemical pollution is as harmful as smoke, and has serious short and long term impacts on health and productivity.

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Addiction, Mental Health, Safe Spaces and Stigmatization

Transformative Spaces

I didn’t want to think this piece through too much before I wrote it, because I knew if I did, I wouldn’t write it. These topics are difficult for me, but I am putting these thoughts into words now because I believe it’s time, and because there is too much unnecessary suffering in our organizing spaces. I have tried to speak to these issues in community, but very few of us speak to them loudly enough. So, to anyone who has ever been harmed by my silence, or who could have been helped by my willingness to speak louder, I hope you will see this piece as the beginning of my amends.

To everyone else, please understand that I write this from a place of love. I recognize the good in you, and I am steadily grateful that I live and work in a beautiful, radical community. This community allows…

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