thank you for trying to help

Brain Storm

have you tried 2

Thank you for wanting me to feel better. Thank you for showing you care.

Also, please understand: unless you are a specialist or fellow pain fighter*, your suggestions do not have much clout.

With chronic pain, there might be a combination of things that is majorly helpful, but there is rarely a magic bullet. What worked for your aunt’s cousin might not work for me too. I’m already trying new treatments (we usually are), and as it is, I have a list longer than Mr. Fantastic’s arm of things to try and places to go. It simultaneously gives me hope and makes me kind of tired to think about it. If you really want to help me, please follow these steps:

1) Listen

2) Believe me

3) Ask how you can help

4) Be true to your own needs and limitations

Thank you for trying to help.

An extra deep thank…

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